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Student Life


The IB program strives to develop caring, life-long learners that embody the attributes of the Learner Profile. We are a collaborative learning organization of students, teachers, parents and community members who, through the IB program, promote real world application and concept-based understanding.  We encourage student action and reflection. We challenge students to be internationally minded by examining multiple perspectives and respecting other cultures and beliefs.

We pride ourselves on a strong growing community with active family participation. Together, we are developing new traditions that showcase our learning and shape our school culture.  We are building the foundation of a vibrant school community where we foster a sense of belonging and purpose.

The practice of life-long learning is central to our beliefs.  Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff continually participates in professional development across multiple disciplines.  This includes a Literacy How partnership with in-house coaching, Dr. Ban Har & Greg Tang Math, IBO World workshops, and Social Emotional Learning.