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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Strawberry Hill, an extension of Rogers International School, is an inter-district magnet offering the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program for grades K-4, and the Middle Years Program grades 5-6.  We will continue to expand the MYP program until we reach 8th grade in 2023. 

The IB program strives to develop caring,life-long learners that embody the attributes of the Learner Profile. We are a collaborative learning organization of students, teachers, parents and community members who, through the IB program, promote real world application and concept-based understanding. We encourage student action and reflection. We challenge students to be internationally minded by examining multiple perspectives and respecting other cultures and beliefs.  Strawberry Hill offers Spanish Language instruction in grades K-6, as well as essential periods in Art, Music, and PE. 

We pride ourselves on a strong growing community with active family participation. Together, we are developing new traditions that showcase our learning and shape our school culture. We are building the foundation of a vibrant school community where we foster a sense of belonging and purpose. The practice of life-long learning is central to our beliefs. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff continually participates in professional development across multiple disciplines. This includes a Literacy How partnership with in-house coaching, Dr. Ban Har & Greg Tang Math,IBO World workshops, and Social Emotional Learning.


Average Class Sizes ranges from 20-23 students in Grades K-4, and expected 24-28 students in Grades 5-8.


Q1: If you move, would you still maintain your enrolled position at the school? 


  1. a) If the family is offered an out-of-district seat, and the family changes to an in-district address (Stamford), the family would have to apply for the lottery the following year.  If the family does not get a seat, they are assigned to their district school.
  2. b) If the family is offered an in-district seat (Stamford), and the family moves within Stamford or within CT, the family would still maintain the enrolled position at the school. 
  3. c) If the family is offered an out-of-district seat, and the family remains out of the Stamford district, within CT, then the family would also maintain the enrolled seat. 


The State grant requires that we maintain 25% of our enrollment for out-of district seats.  Regardless, you must notify the office of any change in address.  


Q2: If you live outside of the "walkers" zone in Stamford, is your child eligible for a bus? Who should we contact regarding the bus schedule and when will it be available?

Answer: Students residing in Stamford that live a mile or beyond will have bus transportation. For more information on transportation, you can call Pat Cunningham at 203-977-4249


Q3: Will bus transportation be available for students living outside of Stamford? 

Answer: Transportation will not be provided for students living outside of Stamford. Students residing in towns outside of Stamford will be eligible for a daily allowance, as part of a transportation grant provided by the state. A sign-up form will be available at the beginning of the school year.


Q4:  Is there  a dress code? 

Answer: Yes. The school has a dress code that includes: Red, White, Navy Blue, Green tops; Khaki or Navy Blue pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers. Spirit wear and fleece toppers are also available.  More information is available on our website.

Q5: Will lunch be served? 

Answer: Yes. A hot lunch is served daily, and brought in from the Chartwell staff.  The lunch offerings will be typical of all schools, a hot lunch, a vegetarian option, milk, and fresh fruit/vegetables.  More information is available on our website.


Q7: Is the school nut free?

Answer: No, the school is not nut free, but nut free tables are established in the cafeteria. We also have a No Food Celebration policy.


Q8: Does the school have an outdoor playground?

Answer 8: Yes


Q9: What is the World Language? Is there going to be another language offered?

Answer 9: The World Language is Spanish.  There is no other language offered at this time.


Q10: Do the classes have field trips?

Answer 10: Yes, field trips are scheduled throughout the year.  Permission slips will be sent home with the details.


Question 11: I want to come to school and celebrate my child’s birthday.  What is the policy?  

Answer 11: We have a no-Food policy for birthdays. Instead, we ask that you help to create an enjoyable experience for students to share with their peers.  For instance, parents may bring in family pictures, games, storytelling, music and dancing.  We ask that you keep celebrations to a 20 minute minimum.  

Question 12: I read that the school is an extension of Rogers.  Can you tell me more about what that means?

Answer 12: Strawberry Hill was opened and funded through a state grant, as an extension of Rogers International School.  What this means is that we share the IB curriculum and collaborate in the implementation of the Primary Years and Middle Years Programs. For more information about the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, visit